YouTube 3.0: Show Me the Money

“YouTube has become one of our top five sources of digital retail revenue, up from almost nothing four years ago. It’s become just another form of retail, but in a nontraditional way.” Brad Navin, Chief Executive of The Orchard.

And with “…the ever expanding YouTube Economy in 2013 expected to generate $3.6 billion in revenue (according to estimates from Barclays) and major label ad revenue this year more than doubling..”  were talking about huge numbers. And the platform is really just getting started.

The current issue of Billboard spends a lot of real estate on YouTube and the numbers. Check out the announcment by The Orchard via The Orchard Serves Up Multi-Channel Network with a Side of BACON (From the Magazine) | Billboard.

And don’t miss ” Five Ways to Make Money from YouTube” as well.

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