The Hardest Working Bands Of 2013 — Who played the most shows? Who logged the most miles?

Songkick recently published a great article on the state of the touring industry for 2013. Think about this:  Alt-J logged 251,443 km this year alone. And to put that in perspective, that’s nearly 3/4 of the way to the moon. But that’s nothing, Two Door Cinema Club logged 557,361 km over the last 3 years. That’s nearly the moon and back. And Willie. Good old Willie Nelson has played 442 shows in that time. That’s a gig every 2.4 days, for three years.

“This year’s results are especially mind-blowing: we’ve seen a 15% increase in distances travelled by the biggest acts in the last 12 months. As artist incomes rely more and more on the live music industry, it’s clear that bands are increasingly willing to tour further and tap into new and emerging markets.”

Check out more facts and stats: The Hardest Working Bands Of 2013 | Songkick Blog.

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