Hey Siri — tell me about when music and gear used to matter.

I remember my dad’s Hi-Fi system in our den.

I remember the fist amp and tuner that I bought after saving up all summer.

I remember my old record player, disc changer, and all the different speakers I’ve owned.

I remember Napster. WinAmp. The original iTunes. The first iPod. Real Player & Rhapsody.

And the EXCITEMENT of when Spotify finally came to the US.

I remember when each separate piece and component mattered.

I remember trying to integrate them all. Connecting my computer to my home speakers.  Upgrading my soundcard. Rigging my iPod into the home stereo.


And now.

None of the pieces matter at all.

None of the pieces are even visible.

You simply tell your speaker what to play.

The era of The Great Convergence.

As I’m reading all the headlines about Apple Music surpassing Spotify’s paid subscribers in the US, I can only see a race against time — their IPO against Amazon and Apple’s next earning reports. For a minute there, it looked like Spotify had a play. Before they got outflanked and swallowed alive.

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Mike Dias is a Sales Director for Logitech. He specializes in consumer electronics & pro audio with an expertise in headphones & portable audio. He has over 15 years of experience selling custom handcrafted in-ear monitors.

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