If CD’s are no longer sold in Best Buy and no one shops there anyways, does it really even matter anymore?

To me, the big news isn’t that Best Buy will stop selling CDs in June, it’s that they still sell $40 million worth a year. Over the 1026 still-operating Best Buy stores, that’s an average of less than $39,000 per store per year and if we take an average CD selling price of $10, that’s an annual total of 3900 units per year per store or 75 discs per week. That’s a LOT of floor space being taken up for netting out $100 a day.

I want to know who those 75 people are. And how many Best of The Eagles classic hits does any one household really need.

As a marker of just how much has changed over the last 15 years, don’t forget that Best Buy was once the most prominent music retailer in the United States.

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