Songza: Can it Ad Up?

I’m a big fan of AdAge but when a music company gets more press in that outlet than in say USA Today,  it does make you wonder about long-term viability. Still, Songza’s native-ad experience is worth paying attention to. If for nothing more than to simply say, there has yet to emerge a model that works. We’re all still feeling our way in the dark through this.

Now for the real question. Who remembers Songza back when they first started? When they scraped YouTube videos for just audio? Now that was a great service. I listened to some amazing live tracks there.


Anyways, check out the full AdAge article here: Tiny Songza Tries Different Approach to Music — and Ads

And for all of you out there keeping score on the behind the scenes plays & acquisitions:

Amie Street acquired Songza, a product created by Aza Raskin and Scott Robbin, in October 2008.[8] In August 2010, Amie Street was sold to Amazon for an undisclosed amount.[9] Shortly after this the co-founders, CEO, Elias Roman, COO, Peter Asbill, CPO, Elliott Breece, and CCO, Eric Davich refocused their efforts on Songza.[3][10] The team discontinued the original version and relaunched a new alpha version of Songza, keeping nothing of the original product but the name.[11(From Wikipedia)

And just in case you didn’t know or didn’t catch it in the AdAge article, Fuse TV owns

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