Pandora by the Numbers: 3rd in Mobile Ad Revenue

Forbes has a nice write up on Pandora’s numbers. The article is mostly about how they are trying to renegotiate royalty rates and how they are shaking out in the iTunes Radio tussle but readers of this site will enjoy the following highlights:

” In eight years Pandora has moved to the top of the Internet radio charts, with 71 million monthly active users. It accounts for 70% of Internet radio and 8% of total U.S. radio listening. Advertising, which accounts for 80% of revenue, will hit $643 million this year. Mobile ad sales topped $100 million for the first time in the third quarter of 2013, making Pandora third in mobile ad revenue behind only Google and Facebook. Shares of the Oakland, Calif. firm have nearly tripled in the past year as investors realized its market position.”

via Pandora Plays Nice As Apples iTunes Radio Spins Up – Forbes.

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