MQA || More Popular Than The Last Rolling Stones Album

MQA is getting more press buzz than the last Stones album. And that might be the most revealing lens to look through when it comes to the current state of the music industry.

In the last month alone, MQA headlines hit both Forbes and Stereophile. It is part of the trending topics out of IFA and it’s rolled up in hi-resolution audio workshops.

Pioneer and Onkyo are on board. And yes, these are still fringe offerings to cater to the audiophiles but this is not Astell & Kern, this is Pioneer!  Tidal and Deezer are pushing. Press is noticing. There may be something brewing beneath the tip of the iceberg.

Want more gravity? Look at the vitriolic comments on The Absolute Sound’s article The Politics of MQA. Remember when music lovers used to get that passionate about actual albums – not just formats and codecs.

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