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How do you find new music? How do you find old music? These are huge questions that the industry is dealing with and in truth, these questions are at the very heart of all music distribution models. I mean think about this, what’s the real difference between Rhapsody or Spotify? Or Amazon or iTunes? Nothing. They are distribution outlets only — in one guise or another and the commodities that they are streaming or selling are the same. But how you end up at the end point, well that’s still the Wild West of the new music frontier. Who’s replacing the local Tower Records? That’s what’s still up for debate. And so with that, Discovr just threw their name in the hat.

Read the full update via  TechCrunch. Here are some highlights:

“McKinney says that real-world music discovery is much more varied than how it works via most online products. You could hear about new music from a friend, or catch a song on the radio, find it on YouTube or by visiting the record store. Discovr’s newfound goal is to unify all those methods of discovery into a single app. And as to its defining visual maps feature, that’s not going away; it’s just changing.”


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