The point of this website is to help you get & keep a good job in the Music Business

If you want to work in the music industry, define precisely what you want to do and what role you want to play. Then learn as much as you possibly can about the ins-and-outs and about all the interrelated positions. Start off by reading through all of my curated Insider Interviews.

Then make it a point to stay up on general music industry news and trends. I’ve made this exponentially easier for you by scrapping as many relevant articles as possible. You can browse the archives via the Business News tab.

And don’t forget to keep up with the future of the music industry. Dig around the Digital Distribution tab. While the act of creating music will never change, the way it’s created & distributed will.  This tab is further sub-divided so that you can follow news from all the current major players.


This website is my own personal attempt to better understand my business—to understand how all the pieces fit together. I figured that if I understood all the music industry jobs and what everyone did, then maybe I’d have a better contextual understanding of the whole ecosystem and how I fit in. I also figured this would be the best way to understand who the real decision makers were. So a few years ago, I started asking industry friends to define what they did. I wanted to understand the scope of their work and who they reported to. And after 30 plus interviews, I was able to start connecting dots and understanding patterns. I could see how a lighting director was related to a sound rental company and how everyone fit into the bigger picture.



Mike Dias is a writer, a speaker, and a Sales Director for Logitech. He specializes in pro audio and consumer electronics and has been involved in selling custom in-ear monitors to touring musicians for more than 15 years. Mike maintains this site as his way of constantly learning and getting better. He shares it publicly so that others can benefit from the accumulated knowledge contained in the deep links. 

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