The Hi-Res Audio Streamer

The Hi-Res Audio Streamer

Qobuz — the Hi-Resolution Audio streaming platform from France— just launched in the US. This is a big deal for music lovers. They have over 170,000 albums available in 24-Bit Hi-Res Audio quality and some of the deepest cuts of jazz and classical albums. But what’s most exciting to us is the integrated art, style and content. The editorial and the curation are a dream come true for any music lover.

When Qobuz formed in 2008, their goal was to offer the digital world the aspects of music fandom that audiophiles, those who love music best, have always cherished. That meant quality sound, quality editorial, and a freedom of choice that wholly excludes bias. How lucky are we that they succeeded.

To celebrate the launch, we caught up with Dan Mackta, managing director of Qobuz USA. Prior to joining the Qobuz team, Dan was Co-Head of Marketing for Razor & Tie Recordings in New York. He also served as Vice President of Marketing at both RCA Records and Jive Records/Zomba Label Group.

As part of the Music Industry Insider Collection, this funny and entertaining interview gives an insight into how your favorite concerts come life and how the global music business really works. By talking with everyone involved in the music industry and by understanding what they do, who they report to, how they started out, and what their jobs are really like, we get an entirely new sense of appreciation for all the work that goes on behind the scenes during music festivals, concerts, and record release dates. If you enjoy this particular interview — please feel free to poke around when you’re done and read more about all the different crazy jobs in the music business. 

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