Music Business News

This is a collection of relevant music industry news that has been aggregated from trade publications and various other media outlets. Each post contains highlights and simple commentary based on the original story.

Is TV The New Radio?

In the new Rolling Stone edition, music supervisor Chris Mollere talks about getting bands exposure on shows like ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and ‘Vampire Diaries’ ...
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U.S. Album Sales Hit Historic Lows

U.S. album sales have hit new historic lows over the last five weeks marking the longest consecutive stretch in the SoundScan era that the industry has gone without scanning more than ...
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How music festivals make money

Why are so many festivals popping up? Because music festivals are big business. Coachella is the most profitable festival in the U.S. Last year it sold 158,000 tickets and pulled in ...
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Music Sales Slump Again

Hey, isn’t the music business supposed to be rebounding? That’s presumably why SoftBank offered $8.5 billion for Universal Music — that’s $2 billion more than anyone thought the music ...
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