Music Business News

This is a collection of relevant music industry news that has been aggregated from trade publications and various other media outlets. Each post contains highlights and simple commentary based on the original story.

Sony’s New Real-Time Royalties App

Sony Music Entertainment has begun rolling out an app that will allow its artists to see where their royalties and revenue are coming from, in real time. It will also provide ...
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Who Books Concerts? 

“As record sales have evaporated over the last decade and a half, and streaming-service revenue has thus far failed to make up the difference, musicians (especially up-and-coming ...
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How many tracks are actually selling?

So I’m a tad late to stumble upon this news but it’s so jaw dropping awful that maybe it was better that I missed it the first time around. Besides for the work I do with ...
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Alan Cross on Album Sales

Album sales haven’t been this bad in more than 20 years. Here’s one pro’s take on it all: A closer look at this past week’s Soundscan numbers reveal that about ...
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