Digital distribution is the future of the music business. This page highlights news from the most relevant online music apps and streaming services. Taken as a whole and over time, this page will serve as a reference point as to where the music industry is and where it is going. Feel free to browse this page collectively or to focus solely on one company or another.

YouTube 3.0: Show Me the Money

“YouTube has become one of our top five sources of digital retail revenue, up from almost nothing four years ago. It’s become just another form of retail, but in a nontraditional way.” ...
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Songza: Can it Ad Up?

I’m a big fan of AdAge but when a music company gets more press in that outlet than in say USA Today,  it does make you wonder about long-term viability. Still, Songza’s ...
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More Music Discovery with Discovr

How do you find new music? How do you find old music? These are huge questions that the industry is dealing with and in truth, these questions are at the very heart of all music ...
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YouTube is Just Getting Started

Videos festooned with ads make roughly $2 per 1,000 YouTube views according to the latest RollingStone article. And “Once you have an audience, you can make money,” says ...
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Rhapsody in Blue: A Farewell Song

It’s over. It’s been over. It’s been over for a long time. A very long time. But to this day, I’m still a paying customer. At $9.99 a month, I figure that ...
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Goodbye iHeartRadio, Hello Rdio

In a no cash exchange deal, Rdio gets 1500 new sales agents and content while Cumulus gets a bold digital play The New York Times just broke the story on the Rdio/ Cumulus partnership. ...
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