Digital distribution is the future of the music business. This page highlights news from the most relevant online music apps and streaming services. Taken as a whole and over time, this page will serve as a reference point as to where the music industry is and where it is going. Feel free to browse this page collectively or to focus solely on one company or another.

How will SoundCloud change?

That’s the big question. SoundCloud is still in negotiations with Sony and Universal but has secured deals with Warner Music and Merlin, an organization that represents 20,000 ...
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Pandora usage and smartphone ownership

Last month, Radio and Internet News published the correlation between monthly Pandora usage and smartphone ownership. Remember listening to Pandora on your desktop? See the full report ...
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Hasta la Vevo: CEO Rio Caraeff Departure

Last night, Rio Caraeff, who has run the Vevo music video service since its creation in 2009, announced his departure. Re/code  ran the full story that was pushed ahead due to a leak ...
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A Winamp-less World?

As we wait to hear if Microsoft can save the llama, let’s take a moment to pay respects to the pioneers. And in case any of you missed the most brilliant write up on WinAmp yet ...
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Beck: Pono Yes. Spotify No.

Stereogum just ran a great new feature on Beck and streaming services. Some choice cuts for this audience: On Spotify: “I think the saddest thing about streaming is the issue of sound ...
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