Digital distribution is the future of the music business. This page highlights news from the most relevant online music apps and streaming services. Taken as a whole and over time, this page will serve as a reference point as to where the music industry is and where it is going. Feel free to browse this page collectively or to focus solely on one company or another.

Pandora Rebrands With New Logo

Pandora is revving up it efforts to encourage users to transition from free to paid as it preps its on demand streaming music service for launch later this year.  Along with the change ...
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Music Streaming Reaches A Tipping Point

It seems the industry has finally reached a point where music streaming revenue has become the greatest contributor of royalties for both artists and labels and, as purchases continue ...
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How Spotify makes its money

Given the “strict” terms that came with its recent $8.5 billion valuation, the clock is officially ticking for a Spotify IPO. Dig in for details. Read more from the ...
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SoundCloud’s Suiting Up

3 Major Labels now. Over 110 million songs available before the Sony deal. 175 million monthly users around the world. Massive illegal uploads of other people’s copyrighted content. ...
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