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Info: Mike Dias is a Sales Director for Logitech. He specializes in consumer electronics & pro audio with an expertise in headphones & portable audio. He has over 15 years of experience selling custom handcrafted in-ear monitors.

SoundCloud’s Suiting Up

3 Major Labels now. Over 110 million songs available before the Sony deal. 175 million monthly users around the world. Massive illegal uploads of other people’s copyrighted content. ...
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Sony’s New Real-Time Royalties App

Sony Music Entertainment has begun rolling out an app that will allow its artists to see where their royalties and revenue are coming from, in real time. It will also provide ...
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Who Books Concerts? 

“As record sales have evaporated over the last decade and a half, and streaming-service revenue has thus far failed to make up the difference, musicians (especially up-and-coming ...
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How will SoundCloud change?

That’s the big question. SoundCloud is still in negotiations with Sony and Universal but has secured deals with Warner Music and Merlin, an organization that represents 20,000 ...
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Pandora usage and smartphone ownership

Last month, Radio and Internet News published the correlation between monthly Pandora usage and smartphone ownership. Remember listening to Pandora on your desktop? See the full report ...
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