Anyone catch the Financial Times’ piece on Daniel Ek?

I found this to be a great read (all food references aside) and I learned a few things about Spotify that I didn’t know. Here are a few highlights but please check out the full article:

“Ek says Spotify will pay $500m to labels and artists this year yet the debate that delayed his US launch remains unsettled. Can he live up to his promise of building a new subscription revenue stream for the shrunken music business faster than he cannibalises CD sales and digital downloads?”

I’m also interested in this paragraph and will be circling back to this shortly: “He concedes it can take 200 streams to generate the 99 cents a download would earn but says many artists miss the fact that Spotify is expanding the market by making money from people who never paid for downloads. “We had similar debates in Sweden, too, but they stopped happening about two years ago”, he says, when streaming revenues took off.”

Read more: Lunch with the FT: Daniel Ek –

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