Amazon’s all in! Amazon Prime Live Events compliments Amazon Tickets. And everything else in the Amazon Music ecosystem.

Take a quick minute and think about what Amazon is taking on and pulling off. For their concert series, they’re both producer and promoter. They’ll own the content and repackage it both in audio and video formats within the Amazon ecosystem. And all the publicity simply tees them up to roll out Amazon Tickets in the US and Asia. Talk about turnkey one-stop shop. My bet was already on Bezos but I didn’t see this coming. I’m not sure if any of us did.

They’ve got the talent, the discipline, and the drive to do it. Take a look at some of their recent hires for these key initiatives:

Look at the track record for Jason Carter, former head of the BBC’s Introducing Platform, in Business Insider here.

Brush up on the Amazon Tickets initiative from ReCode.

Read about Amazon Live Events in Music Week

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